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Having a good resume is important, but what good is it if it never gets read? An expertly crafted cover letter gets your cover letter moved to the top of the stack. In order to do this, you must make sure that it is well-written and relevant to the position you are applying for. The below free senior project manager cover letter sample and accompanying tips will give you the guidelines you need to write a cover letter that gets you noticed.

Free Senior Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Ms. Jones,

Managing large scale projects isn’t easy. It requires good leadership, strong organization, and attention to the most minute of details. These are skills I have spent 15 years perfecting, and I would love to bring my experience to the team at Price & Jacobs.

Over the years, I have overseen IT projects for dozens of companies, including six that are ranked in the Fortune 500. The complexity and scope of the projects have varied, but I have overseen everything from basic system upgrades to the $1 million creation of an internal operations system for a company with 15 offices in four different countries. Each project was completed on time, on budget, and exceeding client expectations as can be seen in the attached reference letters.

The ability to oversee all aspects of a project simultaneously, with attention paid to every detail but without losing site of the big picture, is one that I have mastered. It goes without saying that time management and multitasking are two of my strengths, but equally important is my ability to lead a team, ensuring that each member delivers top quality work, and properly delegating tasks to capitalize on their specific strengths.

I look forward to the chance to use my experience as senior project manager at Price & Jacobs, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position further in person. My resume and references are attached, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Senior Project Manager Cover Letter

For a senior position, you want to make sure to include specific examples of your skills, accomplishments, and experience to prove that you are up to the challenge. Your cover letter should be concise and the tone professional. Open with a personalized explanation of why you are qualified for the job and end with a strong closing statement as demonstrated in the free senior project manager cover letter sample above. Always leave the door open for an interview, and thank the reader for his or her time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You may have noticed that the free senior project manager cover letter sample highlighted several job specific skills. Here are a few relevant skills you can include to strengthen your cover letter.

• Leadership: The ability to successfully manage a team is a vital part of a senior project manager’s job.
• Organization: Keeping track of goals, deadlines, and budgets requires extremely strong organizational skills.
• Multitasking: It is your job to oversee all aspects of the project, so being able to multitask is crucial.
• Problem solving: Problems are inevitable, so it is important that you can solve them quickly and efficiently.

Edwin Richards
462 Home St.
New York, NY 25435
(123) 456-0987


Mr. Ronald Smith
Senior Human Resources Manager
International Company Corp.
1 ICC Ln.
Houston, TX 78682

Dear Mr. Smith,

It is with great interest that I write directly to you about the advertised opening in your company for the position of Project Manager at International Company Corp. The prospect of working with such a celebrated industry leader as International Company Corp is extremely exciting, and it would be an honor to contribute the myriad skills I’ve gathered and honed throughout my six accomplished years of experience to your organization.

For the past four years, I have been working as a project manager at Domestic Business Co. with a tremendous amount of success in all aspects of project management, from detailed budget analyses, performance reviews, and overseeing and approving resource allocation, to coordinating directly with clients on behalf of the company. My success at DBC has been recognized on a number of occasions, including being awarded the ‘Most Productive Project Manager of the Year’ distinction in 2012 as well as 2013.

According to my research, International Company Corp. has consistently managed to increase its project load each quarter and strengthen its already laudable position in the industry. Moreover, an increasing number of those projects focus on two areas in particular: renewable energy and the economic revitalization of low-income urban areas. I have overseen a number of projects from inception to completion that deal directly with both of those endeavors, about which I am very passionate. In fact, I have direct experience with two specific projects wherein renewable energy and urban revitalization efforts intersected. In light of both my expertise and ICC’s recent endeavors, I strongly feel I would be quite an asset to International Company Corp.—a highly respectable company wherein I feel my particular skillset will make a real difference in keeping ICC ahead of its competitors for years to come!

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for taking the time to consider my qualifications and the potential value I would bring to ICC. I look forward to speaking with you further, and am available at (123) 456-0987 for any additional information or to discuss anything specific.

Once again, thank you for your time and consideration.



Edwin Richards

Sample Cover Letter for a Project Management Resume

According to most hiring managers, cover letters are just as important as resumes. This isn’t because most hiring managers read them (they’ll admit they often don’t), but they do remember who didn’t bother to send a cover letter.

Cover letters should not be condensed resumes, they are an opportunity for you to write directly to the hiring manager overseeing the position you desire and to capture his or her attention. Your goal is to demonstrate that you are not only qualified for the job and a potentially valuable contributor, but that you are also aware of the company, its values, aims, and recent projects, and that you would be excited to be a part of the team.

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