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"Homework is any activity which students are expected to complete outside of their lesson time"

Teaching and Learning: Homework Quality

Educational research carried out in 2013 by the Sutton Trust tells us that homework remains one of the most effective tools to impact our students learning. When good quality homework is set regularly, and our students engage with it, then this could provide an impact as large as 5 months better progress in learning than a student that does not. Throughout the term the Senior Leadership Team having been monitoring the frequency and quality of homework across the college, through the website ‘show my homework’, and have also consulted with staff and students. This has given us confidence that homework is being set regularly by teachers and for the most part that the quality of homework provided is good or better. However, to increase quality and engagement we will be changing the frequency of homework from Monday 22nd February 2016.

New Homework Schedule:

Currently students follow a homework timetable, which allows for a high frequency of homework to be given, without students becoming overwhelmed on any evening during the week. However, the new homework frequency will be set at 1 piece of homework per week per subject. Reasons for the change are as follows:

  • Greater flexibility for teachers to set homework on different days of the week, allowing homework tasks to fit better within the learning journey.
  • An increase in quality and detail for each piece of homework, allowing students to think deeper about a subject and embed newly learnt skills
  • An easier timetable for students to become accustomed to, allowing for easier organisation.

The new more detailed homework activities require students to think more deeply and should take a greater amount of time. KS3 students would be expected to spend 30 – 45 minutes on each piece of homework and KS4 students 45 – 60 minutes. KS5 students will be provided the same number of hour’s homework as guided teaching (i.e. 5 hours of Biology lessons would equate to 5 hours of homework).

As a college we are committed to provide quality first teaching for all our students, which include the exploration of new material and embedding of new skills outside the classroom setting. By providing our students with quality and engaging homework we hope to instil habits of resilience and resourcefulness that will allow our students to flourish in all areas of education and employment. 

Mrs Laura Harvey

SLT Teaching and Learning

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